Arnold Kalmbach

M.Sc. Student at McGill University

I am an M.Sc. student at the School of Computer Science, McGill University. My supervisor is Prof. Gregory Dudek, and I work with the Mobile Robotics Lab. I am interested in developing robots that can learn online, with whatever data they encounter. Most recently I've been working on active vision for robot photographers using techniques from Bayesian deep learning. I've also worked on various applications of machine learning supporting marine science, for terrain classification from video and discovering structure in plankton ecology. Previously, I have worked at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Ocean Networks Canada, and Clerapath Robotics.



Learning seasonal phytoplankton communities with topic models OCEANS 2017 preprint poster
Phytoplankton Hotspot Prediction With an Unsupervised Spatial Community Model ICRA 2017 pdf bib
Learning deep-sea substrate types with visual topic models WACV 2016 pdf bib
Adaptive Parameter EXploration (APEX): Adaptation of robot autonomy from human participation ICRA 2014 pdf bib
Unsupervised environment recognition and modeling using sound sensing ICRA 2013 pdf bib

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In my non-academic life, I am also one half of the noise music project Welter & Associates and previously was involved in organizing Misery Loves Co., a music label which documented a part of a moment in Montreal's experimental music.